Welcome to Deeptech Partners

DeepTech Partners is a leading European Deep Tech VC firm based in Paris.
We are passionate about entrepreneurship and technology. Our complementary team backs ambitious tech disruptors.

DeepTech Partners helps early stage companies reach their full potential. We back mission-driven entrepreneurs who are passionate about the problem they are solving and are ready to take the next step to grow their business. Working side-by-side with these visionaries makes us incredibly optimistic about the future.

About us

We are a community of investors with entrepreneurial, scientific and business backgrounds. We work together at combining performance with values. We are driven by the passion for disruptive deeptech technologies and their potential to help us creating a better world. 

Our main focus are cleantechs & biotechs, but we are open to other disruptive technologies you might invent! We only invest in markets we understand. For instance, retail or luxury industries are not in our scope.

We seek entrepreneurs having proven exceptional track records. As an early-stage investor, we invest at pre-seed, seed and round A stages.

Get in touch

We are always on the lookout for interesting new companies led by ambitious entrepreneurs. We are keen to challenge your business case and help you unlock growth potential. If you have a deeptech solution for solving real-world problems with an addressable market, and believe that we could be the right partner, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Please send us the details listed below at : contact@deeptechpartners.eu

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